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Israel Railways PHOTOS
« on: July 10, 2010, 11:40:22 PM »
Last Israeli installment for now (I have one more but I won't have time to post it until next month)...Here is Israel Railways newest train, the Siemens Viaggio Light push-pull.  These 8 car single level trainsets entered service in 2009.  Here is a photo of one at Tel Aviv Central station:

Here is an interior shot:

And here is an IC3 "Flexliner" DMU train.  These are most easily found on the line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, since the other trains can't make it up the steep grades to Jerusalem.  Amtrak tested these trains in the mid 1990s, using an Israeli set.

At Tel Aviv Central:

At Jerusalem-Malha:

I'm not a fan of how they are wrapping some of the trainsets (the Flexliners are the only trains I've seen there with advertising wraps on the exterior) but the ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is scenic and definately worth the time (at least once, the train is usually 45-60 minutes longer than the bus if there is no traffic on Highway 1) for anyone in Israel, railfan or not.